A Guide to Speech Writing


Most of us will have to experience that day when you have to deliver a very important speech.

Whatever purpose the speech is for, its success is highly dependent upon your preparation. A well prepared person will be successful when he delivers his speech. If you ask those who have prepared speeches before, you will be told how time-consuming and stressful it could be. Speech writing does not have to be looked upon as a stressful type of work. If you follow the steps below you can write you speech in no time, and avoided unnecessary stress and confusion.

Writing whatever you want to say is sometimes the first thing that a speech writer does. This is not the right way to start.  It is important to make a research first before attempting to write the first word of your Keynote speech. The things you need to include in your research is the topic itself, the people who will make up the audience, the place where it will be held, the city and the time when the speech will be delivered.

Prepare your purpose statement or the reason why you are having this speech..  With the purpose statement you determine what you want to do, whether to educate, to inform, to inspire, etc, and it also determines how you want your audience to respond to the information given. You should also go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-s-schwartz/common-application-transfer-essay_b_6424932.html if you are eager to learn more facts about this topic.

After determining your purpose and coming up with a purpose statement, the next step is to come up with a theme for the whole presentation. A word, a phrase, or a sentence can make up your theme statement.

Having a purpose, a purpose statement and a theme is not yet enough to have a good speech. An outline is important before writing down your speech. Make sure you list down the main points that you want to emphasize. To drive home your main point you should use stories, statistics and other supporting evidences. Moreover more info are featured here.

When  you have decided on your purpose, theme, and main points, next consider how you are going to organize your content. Allotting enough time to each of your main points is also important aside from just organizing your content.

It will no longer be a problem to write the speech, you will just need to add the right words following the outline and the main points that you have already determined. Write as your mind continues to dictate to you with the outline and main points in mind.

After writing everything that came off your head, there is one more task left. For the audience’s ease of listening and for their retention, it is important to edit your speech.  Do not skip this step because it is crucial to your successful speech.

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